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Terms & Conditions

Anyone entering a trial must be a current member of The National Nosework Association and have achieved the ORT for the level they are entering.

As the venues are varied for NNA Trials, it is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure the venue is suitable for their dog and their own limitations prior to entering. No refunds will be available should the competitor decide on arrival that the venue is unsuitable.

On the day of the trial the dog should be fit and well in the eyes of the Trial Official. The TO and Judge reserve the right to refuse to let a dog run should they feel it is detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

It is the handler’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their dog at the trial venues and no responsibility will be accepted by the trials officials in the event of a preventable incident or accident.

Be kind no matter what. The Trial Officials have the right to eject abusive or combative handlers from the event.

Dogs must be kept on lead and under control when not competing. The Trial Official and Judge have the right to refuse entry into a competition if the dog poses a high risk to them, other entrants, or the public.

Refunds will only be issued by the Trial Official if the event is cancelled.

A handler may, with the Trial Officials permission, pass on their entry to another if they are unable to attend so long as the person they are passing the entry to is eligible to compete at that stage.

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