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Events & Workshops

Don't miss out on all of the amazing events we have coming up!


Craig Ogilvies Interactive Play Workshop

From £20

Craig’s energy filled Interactive Play workshops will leave dogs and dog lovers from all walks of life motivated to achieve their goals. Craig teaches all of the handlers how to create their own unique and amazing Interactive Play Experience with their dog. The workshops consist of a good mixture of practical sessions filled with content delivery and lots of room for Q&A to ensure everyone gets the most out of the event.


Scent Ops Trials


Scentwork trials based around operational style searching. You may search for the odour of your own choice and compete against other dog and handler teams over interesting and unique search areas.

We will be running Club and Bronze level.

CLUB-Simple search to demonstrate odour recognition and confidence searching an indoor area. One hide, dogs can get to source. 3 minutes. ​

BRONZE-Simple search which can be either an indoor or outdoor area. Two hides, dog can get to source. 5 minutes.

Each entry is £15 and you can enter both levels with your dog on the same day. More details here


Scent & Science Day

From £45

Kathy will give a talk regarding the neuroscience of olfaction and emotion in the dogs brain while it is doing scentwork.

Elliot will then teach you and your dogs scent detection

Kathy Murphy qualified as a veterinary surgeon from the Royal Veterinary College in 1999. After spending several years in mixed practice she moved to the University of Oxford where she completed two specialised clinical qualifications and was awarded a Wellcome Trust Fellowship for her PhD in behavioural neuroscience. Kathy is the director of Barking Brains ( a project which aims to share information about neuroscience with trainers, behaviourists and interested dog owners. Additionally she is the Chief Scientific Officer for Behavior Vets LLC.

Elliot trained in scent specific/mantrailing with Search & Rescue for 4 years and has his instructors certification with Scent Imprint For Dogs in Holland ( Scent Imprint have trained and worked dogs all over the world in detection and tracking from explosives and narcotics to wildlife conservation. He is also an approved detection/scentwork judge for Scent Ops Trials.

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