Little Paws Puppy group- 8-16 weeks
cost £6 per pup
These sessions are aimed to give your puppy the best possible start.  Often puppy classes will start from 12 weeks when they have had their full vaccinations.  Unfortunately they can miss the critical time for socilisation and learning essential skills.  
These groups start from when they have had their first vaccination to enable learning to start as early a possible. There is no training involved but puppies get a chance to explore, smells, textures,  hear different sounds and meet other people and dogs. 

Held on Tuesdays at 530pm.  


Positively Awesome Puppies
9 week puppy classes
age - 12 weeks - 20 weeks

we will cover essential life skills including, appropriate play, appropriate greetings, experiencing the world through vision, smell, sound and touch.  Your puppy will experience being handled, learn how to focus on you and be able to settle in different environments.
We will also begin to look at basic canine communication and development stages
 we will introduce teaching your puppy some self control along with calm behaviour gets them what they want.  We will begin to teach the basic positions such as sit, down, stand and stay, as well as teaching your puppy it is okay to give up an item, to come back to you and walk nicely by your side. 
£117 for the 9 weeks

 Email classes@positivelycanine.co.uk for further information 

Parkour Classes 
Classes are currently held on Thursday evenings
This is an introduction to Parkour, also known as Urban Agility. 
We will cover what is necessary to be able to gain your Training Title with the International Dog Parkour Association.
It is an amazing way to strengthen your relationship, gaining trust and building confidence. 
We work at your dogs pace and abilities in a secure setting, with friendly and fun instructors. 
The course runs for 6 weeks and costs £78.
 You will also receive 1 hours use of the outdoor enclosed area for your own use, practise your skills or just use it to hang out with your dog and bring their friends too. 
Once you have completed the course you can then join the Positively Awesome Parkour Club

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Scent Work
Positively Awesome sniffers
Scentwork is an amazing activity to do with your dog.  it helps with confidence, calmness and focus & can be done anywhere. 
Currently we run 6 week classes which will start you from the beginning and teach you the skills to successfully carry out basic searches. 

Short courses
We currently run a number of 3 week classes on recall, loose lead walking, connections and focus and getting amazing cues! or more information and bookings please click

Please email classes@positivelycanine.co.uk for information on any of our classes


We have a number of workshops running throughout the year. 
Please follow this link to see all current workshops

If you would like to know more about our workshops please email events@positivelycanine.co.uk