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About Me  

me and oliverPositively Canine believes that owning a dog is a responsibility that should be fun and rewarding for both owner and dog. 
 I am Jo and I started Positively Canine to help owners achieve this through positive training methods and education on your dogs needs.  
I am  more than happy to give help and advice on training and some behaviours and can also do this on a one to one basis if needed. Please contact me for further details or to discuss your needs.
Throughout the last 15 years I have worked with animals and gained a lot of skills and knowledge.  I have completed the First and National Diploma in Animal Care,  attended a day course on canine behaviour, attended APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors)  seminars with speakers such as Gwen Bailey, and Ian Dunbar covering a variety of topics including behaviour and training. 

I have recently completed the following :-
Preparing to Teach in the lifelong Learning Sector
Reactivity in Dogs - International Animal Behaviour Training College (IABTC) - Angela White
Introduction to Treiball - IABTC- Caroline Penistone
Basic Agility Training for Pet Dog Instructors - IABTC - Angela White
Emergency Canine First Aid - Rhodes 2 Safety
Teaching Dog Training:Life Skills - IABTC - Angela White
Dog Training Techniques for Professionals - IABTC - Angela White
Nose work Day - IABTC - Angela White
Puppy Parties (Organising & Running) - IABTC -Angela White
The Truth About Wolves & Dogs - IABTC  - speaker Toni Shelbourne
TTouch - IABTC - speaker Jo Churlish
Canine Aggression - IABTC - Angela White
Lady at Dishforth
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