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Welcome to Positively Canine

Positively Canine has been running since 2011, with the aim to provide education and fun for you and your dog. We offer group training classes, workshops and one to one training services. 
These are held at Positively Canines Training school, in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, in the comfort of your own home either remotely or face to face, or other suitable location depending on what we are working on. 
Positively Canine specialises in building a connection, having fun with your dog and providing essential education for you and your puppy in the early stages up to adult hood.  We use motivational, fun and rewarding methods for both dog and human!

My Services

One to One Training

One to one training tailored to you and your dogs needs, from puppies to recall, loose lead walking, Rally, scent work and parkour.  get in touch with your requirements


All about the Puppy

We offer a 6 week life skills group puppy class, one to one Play & Learn and group Scentwork sessions too just for puppies. 



Parkour is a great activity to do with your dog to improve focus, confidence, coordination, body awareness.  It can help nervous dogs cope with their environment better as well as helping enthusiastic and excited dogs to calm and focus more.  Any age and ability welcome.
Pakour brings together elements of the human parkour and agility.  Teaching your dog to perform behaviours, such as 2 feet and 4 feet on, under, over, through, gap jumps and more!

Please note we no longer run parkour classes but we are happy to teach this on a 121 basis or in your own group.  Please do get in touch. 



Rally is a brilliant activity to do with any dog.  It brings in elements of obedience, teaching your dog to perform behaviours that are essential for everyday life too.  You and your dog will learn about Rally and work towards completing a course.  A course is made up of a series of stations.  Each station there is a sign with a behviour that you and your dog must perform together before moving onto the next station. 

Please note we no longer run Rally classes but we are happy to teach this on a 121 basis or in your own group.  Please do get in touch. 



Scent work is an amazing activity to do with your dog with huge benefits.  It will tire your dog out, build your relationship, allows them to do an activity they LOVE and you are a part of it!  it helps to build confidence in dogs and gives them something to focus on. 
During our scent work sessions you will begin at the introduction classes, after completing those you can then join the progressive sessions which may be held in a number of beautiful locations.   You and your dogs journey will take you through the world of scent detection, 

You will have a chance to enter Scent Ops Trials, National Nosework Association (NNA) Odour Recognistion Tests (ORT) & the fun & valuable Nosework Games. 


“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

Anatole France


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