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sunny reciving some one to one timePositively Canine is a small friendly company run by myself, Jo ,that offers education and fun for you and your dog.  I have a training school based in North Yorkshire, near Thirsk and Ripon.  I run private sessions, group classes, workshops, social events and hire out the outdoor enclosed area. I will also do one to one training , covering Boroughbridge, Thirsk, Ripon,Harrogate, Knaresborough, Dishforth, Easingwold, Northallerton and surrounding villages.

I am happy to do one to one training with you and your dog and also do private training with your dog.  Please contact me with your requirements

Positively Canine  run a number of dog training classes, including puppy classes, recall & clicker classes.  There are also a number of workshops available.  All classes and workshops are held at the training School at Baldersby Gardens, Baldersby, Yo7 4ps

Training school at Baldersby before

The outdoor area at the Training School, Baldersby, BEFORE
Training school at Baldersby, near Ripon and Thirsk after work

The outdoor area at the Training School, Baldersby, after work

It is important that your dogs basic needs are met in order to have a happy and confident companion.  One of these needs is mental stimulation.  By providing your dog with the mental stimulation it needs, can help ease behavioural problems such as excessive barking, chewing, jumping up, pulling on the lead, not paying attention to you, plus many more!

Some fun at Positively Canines Training school at Baldersby, near Ripon and Thirsk
 Clicker Training
Clicker training is a method of training that uses a device called a clicker.  This is basically a small device that when pressed makes a ''click" sound.  An association between the sound of the click and a positive reward is built up.  When the dog carries out a desired behaviour the click is sounded and the dog knows a reward is coming so therefore reinforcing the behaviour.  There are 3 steps to clicker training:-
  1. Get the behaviour
  2. Mark the behaviour
  3. Reinforce the behaviour
If you would like to know more then why not attend the clicker workshop and join our clicker classes.

Dog walking fun at Positively Canine 

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