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Social/play hours
These tend to be held on a Friday morning 
A chance to come along to the training school, have a cuppa and let your dogs have a play & some social time. ** This is for social and non reactive dogs. Dogs will be introduced carefully & must remain on the lead until told otherwise **booking essential £6 per dog *** Due to the nature of this event only children aged 12 years or over are allowed providing they are accompanied by an adult ***

Please email Events@positivelycanine.co.uk for dates and booking

Pre school puppy group- 8-12 weeks
cost £10 per pup
These sessions are aimed to give your puppy the best possible start.  Often puppy classes will start from 12 weeks when they have had their full vaccinations.  Unfortunately they can miss the critical time for socilisation and learning essential skills.  
These groups start from when they have had their first vaccination to enable learning to start as early a possible. There is no training involved but pups get a chance to explore different sounds, smells, textures, other people and dogs. 

Please email Events@positivelycanine.co.uk for dates and booking

Puppy Meets world

This event is for puppies from 12 weeks, who have had their full vaccinations up to the age of 6 months.
It is held outdoors in a fully enclosed area where there are many things for your puppy to explore such as, tunnels, sandpit, toys, textures, smells, sounds, people, dogs, bikes, pushchairs and much more!
Booking is essential as places are limited

Email Events@positivelycanine.co.uk for further information and booking

Enroll NOW

12 week puppy foundation classes - 12 weeks - 20 weeks

Level 1 – weeks 1-4 
During this section we will cover essential life skills including, appropriate play, appropriate greetings, experiencing the world through vision, smell, sound and touch.  Your puppy will experience being handled, learn how to focus on you and be able to settle in different environments.
We will also begin to look at basic canine communication and development stages

Level 2 – Weeks 5-8
During this section we will introduce teaching your puppy some impulse control along with calm behaviour gets them what they want.  We will begin to teach the basic positions such as sit, down, stand and stay, as well as teaching your puppy it is okay to give up an item.
We will also cover more basic canine communication & development stages

Level 3 – weeks 9-12
During this section we will be mainly focusing on loose lead walking and recall, going over any areas that may need more attention and covering some more basic canine communication & development stages.
Cost options - £45 per level, £85 per 2 levels or £120 for 3 levels.

Email classes@positivelycanine.co.uk for further information and booking

4 Week Adolescent foundation classes - 6 months -18 months
4 week adult foundation classes - 18 months + 
Both courses will include, basic obedience - recall, sit, down, stay/wait, take it, leave it, as well as teaching some self control and how to settle in a distracting environment.  

Email classes@positivelycanine.co.uk for further information and booking


Introduction to clicker training
Date TBC
Handler places - £25
Spectator places - £15
New to clicker training & want to know more. You will learn about the power of the click, how it works & how it can help you & your dog.  There will be a mix of practical & theory & fun for all

Booking is essential

Reactivity in Dogs
This is a one day workshop where you will gain skills to help with your dogs reactivity.
Reactive can be aggressive displays, over excited with other dogs or people, or even reactive to things like the vacuum cleaner & passing cars.

Working on building the early foundations essential for a good recall & looking at individual areas that you are having problems with.  Looking at areas such as age, communication, distractions, breeds and what motivates your dog and using their natural instinctive behaviours to help you gain a good recall.

Ziggy having some training at Dishforth
If you are interested or would like to know more please use the contact form   ring/text 07730556045 or email Jobrook@positivelycanine.co.uk 

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